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Tech Summit 2018

Digital Transformation Strategies June 4, 2018

The future of IT SMEs is already being written today. In order not to lag behind the trends of globalization and digitization, but to shape them, we must now begin to implement promising measures. By far the most important topics for SMEs in the coming years will therefore be investments against the shortage of skilled workers and the promotion of digital business models. As businesses in all types of industries are being disrupted by startups, organizations are being challenged to digitally transform themselves. Technology is playing a central role in this transformation, and the demand for applications is increasing to meet transformation goals. Application platforms, which are undergoing a transformation of their own, are playing a central role in accelerating application development.

This year Tech Summit turns its focus on digital education and business for medium-sized businesses. Take a look at the sessions and tracks. Meet the keynotes who will invigorate your thinking and help to frame your strategy. And, browse the solution providers gearing up to answer all your questions. From the evolving framework landscape, to digital transformation strategies, to enterprise service management use cases, this conference and expo will provide insights and solutions to add value to your organization and future-proof your career. Don't let this opportunity for a free day at this groundbreaking event pass you by!

The promotion of digital business models in the IT sector can not succeed in the future without better networking. The Tech Summit presenters will share their concepts of a networked future in the IT sector. The Tech Summit covers the medium-sized IT economy and promotes networking as well as the realization of cooperative business models, with the aim of bridging the gap between medium-sized IT companies and advanced IT solutions. This approach creates new opportunities in the small and medium-sized enterprises software market.

We know your time is too valuable to spend it passively listening to speaker after speaker. We know you're ready for a new, interactive, outcome-oriented conference experience. So are we, get ready to roll up your sleeves and engage with industry leaders and experienced practitioners on your most pressing topics:

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